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Institute of History and Archival Studies is a dynamic and highly rated institution. We implement numerous national and international grants and projects on topics including: 

  • history of cities, especially Kraków; 
  • borderland history of Lesser Poland and Silesia; 
  • history of national and religious minorities within Poland (mainly Jewish history and culture); 
  • history of World War II and the Holocaust; 
  • history of landed gentry and aristocracy; 
  • history of migration and forced exile and expulsions; 
  • history of diplomacy;
  • history of colonialism and decolonization;
  • history of a late Cold War era (Poland, Germany & Great Britain);
  • archival studies & info-brokering;
  • historical tourism & museum studies;
  • business use of cultural heritage.


Moreover, we cooperate with other renowned universities and scientific and research institutions, mainly from Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova, United States, Israel and France. 

Contact Us:


Podchorążych 2

30-084 Kraków, Poland

tel. +48 (012) 662-61-82





Prof. Agnieszka Chłosta-Sikorska 

Deputy Director 

Dr. Dorota Drzewiecka 


Administrative Staff: 

Elżbieta Brona-Leszczyńska, M.A. 

Joanna Kołodziejczyk, M.A.